Hausdope by King Ice
Debonair Time: Offering High-End Watches Without High-End Costs

$500 Watches Without The 500-Dollar Price: Debonair Time

Fans of timepieces tend to notice that high-end watches come with, well, high-end price tags. Sure, affordable watches provide a bargain, but all working class males want a slice of luxury without having to make sacrifices to their budget. Compared to some Swiss-made watches, that while stylish, still come with a mid-range price tag of [...]

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A New Standard of Quality: House of Need

House of Need takes a different approach to jewelry making, while some designers mass produce their collections, others, like House of Need, makes made-to-order products and limited edition collections. The difference and the standard allow for handcrafted, high-quality products, ensuring no two products look exactly identical; meanwhile, the limited edition quantities on some items allow those after [...]

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Spiritual Healing from Nialaya Jewelry

Most jewelry designers sell metal artwork; Nialaya Jewelry sells healing jewelry. And it is this difference that continues to set Nialaya Jewelry apart from it competition, combining creative pieces with stimulating healing powers to engage and to empower its consumer base. Their latest collection of vintage silver pieces, like its Silver Cross Necklace and Cable Ring, provide an [...]

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Bench Made Monogram Rings by Room101

Most jewelry designers create their pieces using moldings or castings, but Room101 moves away from the norm to create authentic handmade pieces. Known as bench made, the process requires designers to use traditional tools and hand torches to bend, cut, forge, ground and file raw metals. And when you look at what Room101 has created with its [...]

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New Bracelets from David Yurman

Collection Highlight: Renaissance Bracelets from David Yurman

For those after a set of  high-end bracelets, David Yurman’s Renaissance Bracelet Collection provides a traditional style inspired by Roman, Celtic and Egyptian traditions. This line of bracelets takes sterling silver, twists it into a helix and creates an iconic cable fitted with gem stones. Compared to other collections, like Sovereign & Saint’s Skull Collection, Yurman’s appeals to individuals who [...]

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Hawks vs Cavaliers: Game 1 Celebrity Fashion (Gallery)

Play between the Cavs and Hawks wasn’t the only thing worth watching in the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals. Celebrities filled the sidelines in designer clothes and accessories that ranged from $100 shirts to $1000 hip hop jewelry items. Check out the gallery below. [...]

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Custom Microphone Flags: Snoop Dogg

Rappers love their bling, and while many have receded from wearing elaborate, eye-catching necklaces and pendants, some still love a little bit of ice–specially on the mic. Snoop Dogg’s custom mic continues that trend to create an eye-catching display that shines as bright as the lights he performs under. Designed by King Ice, one of [...]

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Re-imagined bracelets from Sovereign & Saint

Skull Collection from Sovereign & Saint: Bracelets Re-imagined

Over the last few years, the market for ball bead bracelets has grown exponentially, leading to an industry saturated with designers and ideas. But Sovereign & Saint sets itself apart from its competitors by offering up a collection of luxury skull bracelets that move away from the traditional color palettes to create an exotic marriage between high-quality [...]

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LIV Watches Spotlight

LIV Watches: The Affordable Swiss Watch

Moving away from the traditional price point of close to $1,000 for Swiss watches, LIV created a product  that embodied a man’s life–not his status. By fusing fashion with durability, LIV created a watch that could sustain the rigors of life while managing to look like a high-end sports car built for the wrist. repost from @mcla_motorsports [...]

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See the latest leather band collection

Leather Band Collection by A.R.Z Steel

Forgoing the traditional approach of creating simple, dirt cheap leather-based products, A.R.Z Steel’s collection merges high-quality stainless steel with leather to create a marriage between two materials the way few designers have before. Compared to ball bead and skulls or high-end bracelets, A.R.Z. Steel’s designers have managed to produce some of the most fashionable steel [...]

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