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Fox’s Empire: Custom-Made Jewelry

Dominating prime time television, Fox’s “Empire” remains the most successful show since “House,” and with a viewer rating of a 6.7, the show seems destined to continue its campaign. And riding its wave of success is a streetwear brand known as King Ice, who managed to create one of the most unique pieces we’ve seen [...]

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Nialaya’s Python Collection: The New Leather

Jewelry designers tend to stick to the tired and true formula of using braided, aged and even soften leather to create their accessories, but Nialaya’s has decided to add something new. Rather than braiding its leather, the new Python Collection provides a look and feel that mirrors a python’s skin–rugged, scaly and dangerous. The custom-made leather bands [...]

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Men's Luxury Watch

Louis Vuitton’s Newest Men’s Luxury Watch

Most people don’t recognize Louis Vuitton as a luxury watchmaker. No, most people know the brand for its luxury purses, backpacks and wallets, but scroll through its website and you’ll find its timepieces tucked away beneath its flagship products. And while the timepieces come made with high-end materials, none come with the level of sophistication and [...]

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Minimalist Fashion Bracelet

Vulcan Accessories: Minimalist Fashion Bracelets for Men

Compared to other designers, Vulcan Accessories tries a different approach to the crowded market of high-end jewelry: a minimalist fashion bracelets for men. Others designers look to wow audiences with colorful combinations and high-end materials, but just because Vulcan uses semi-precious stones like Onyx and Tiger Eye does not detract from the quality of its [...]

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Men's Bracelets from Anil Arjandas

The New Men’s Bracelets Game from Anil Arjandas

Most men tend to wear their watches alone on their wrists, but Anil Arjandas wanted to provide a marriage between watches and men’s bracelets, and if you peak through his Instagram, you’ll notice that plenty of people agree that his line of bracelets go nicely alongside a watch. A photo posted by Anil Arjandas (@anilarjandas) on [...]

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Pebble: The Minimalist Watch

Bulbul’s Pebble: The Minimalist Watch

Watches continue to evolve. They started off simple, using standard timekeeping methods and designs, but over the years, watches have been stripped down, fitted with miniature jet turbines and even lined with carbon fiber to recreate, re-imagine and re-invent the way they look and function. But history tends to repeat itself, and Bulbul’s Pebble watch goes back to the [...]

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Croc card wallets

Croc Card Wallets To Match Your Lifestyle

We usually don’t go crazy over wallets on Hausdope. But take one look at what Antoni Manuel has done with card wallets, and it’s easy to see why we want to make a fuss over the quality and style. Sure, some guys want something simple. You know, a wallet that does what it’s meant to [...]

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3 of the Best Luxury Watches for Under 300

3 of The Best Luxury Watches for Under $300

You’re a man on a budget. We get it. But sometimes you like to splurge and spoil yourself with a nice timepiece, but with the number of options, colors and features, some men find it hard to find a luxury watch without the luxury prices. So here’s our pick of items you should check out to add [...]

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Vitaly's Kunai Collection

Vitaly’s Kunai Collection Overview

Read through Vitaly’s story, and you’ll quickly discover why the designer remains at the forefront of the men’s jewelry industry. Vitaly takes standard jewelry concepts, like dog tags and ball bead bracelets, and re-imagines them with two concepts in mind: make jewelry as if you’re creating it for yourself, and charge as if the customer were a friend. With a [...]

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Link Bracelets for Men: Handcrafted by John Hardy

John Hardy built his jewelry line on a few simple ideas: friendship and togetherness. With these principles in mind, the designer has created some of the most elegantly handcrafted link bracelets for men that draw inspiration from hip hop jewelry designers, like that of Cuban curb chains, to even crocheting to create a steel bracelet of beauty. [...]

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